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Budget Planning

Underspending, Overspending, and the sweet spot. Underspending can have you miss out on a home that truly checks a good portion of your boxes. Overspending can position you to be house poor. You don’t always have to go with the amount you’ve been approved. Stick with what you know you’re comfortable with. Everybody needs to be in the sweet spot. The spot that allows you to comfortably pay your mortgage, save, live a little, and invest. We will work through your finances and find that sweet spot for you!

Buying Guidance

A phase as important as this, doesn’t have to be taken alone. Our team starts at the getting to know you and budgeting step and is by your side in the lending process, setting expectations for inspection, getting ready for your closing, and even a reminder to sign up for homestead in the following year. This is not just a transaction to us, this a milestone and you’ll have someone who is there to make this as seamless as possible.

Home Selection

Narrowing down options can sometimes be overwhelming. Our team is here to help filter your options to the absolute best selection for both appeal and investment to ensure you select the right home for you.

Your Experience 

The most important phase. It is important to us your experience before and after the closing table is one to be remembered. Making this a joyous and memorable experience where you are confident enough in us to refer us and even work with us again and again, is the experience we aim for. Smiling faces and happy hearts are always the goal. 

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